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Koobi Fora

-Citric brightness
-Medium body
-Hints of tropical fruit
-Our highest caffeinated coffee


1 lb. $19.99
2 lbs. $18.99 per pound
3-6 lbs. $16.99 per pound
7-22 lbs. $13.99 per pound
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Our Price: $19.99
Caffeine Molecule T-Shirt

Better Living Through Chemistry!
-100% Cotton
-Made in USA by American Apparel
-Size: Large
-GLC Logo on Front, CAFFEINE Molecule on Reverse

Our Price: $27.95
Sample Gift Box

The Perfect Gift!
-10 Foil Lined Tubes, each Containing Different Coffee Varieties:

  • Each tube is topped with a Wood "Coin" of the GLC Logo
  • Each Tube is Sealed Using a 4"x2" Label of the Variety Inclosed Within
  • G'mornin, Koobi Fora, Kali-Ko, Giling Basah, Rusticano, OromoBuna, Preto Mogiana, Equatorio, Espresso Roast, WP Decaf are the Current Varieties (varieties subject to change)
  • Each Tube Contains Enough for 6 Cups of Coffee (+/-)
-Full Color Sheet (8.5"x11") with Coffee Descriptions and Details
-Full Color Sheet (8.5"x11") with Our Company Story, Measuring, Grinding and Brewing Info
-A Tasteful Card relaying Your Sentiments to the Lucky Recipient.

Our Price: $69.95