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"This coffee is stellar. Thanks for the great pricing!". -Matt F., Waltham, MA
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Love your coffee and always find you to be cheerful and friendly". -Regina, P., Concord, NH

"Yummy, I love my coffee. See you soon at farmers market Copley Square" -Frank P., Cambridge, MA

Love your coffee!!" -Linda C., Manchester, NH

I visit the Farmer's market in Copley square every year for 2 things: Fresh Produce and THE BEST coffee I've ever had... we drink a lot of decaf and this one hits the spot. Lately we've been mixing, and tried the light roast which was outstanding. I am going to try a dark roast to mix with it this time around as well. Love the fact that also have organic grounds for my plants and compost as well. This will be the first year that I will not wait until the stand opens up in the spring and will be placing an online order next week. Thank you Chris for the awesome coffee!!!" -Dave T., Boston, MA

"Love your coffee." -Gita Z., Monroe Twp., NJ

"Thanks! I've enjoyed your coffee and talking to you at the market." -Howard K., Rockford, IL

"Thank God you ship! For the price and quality per ounce, you can't be beat, and I no longer live in MA." -Christopher H., Raleigh, NC

"We LOVE the fresh, delicious blend of Kali-Ko. Such a discovery! Thank you! -Deborah A., Severna Park, MD

"Thanks. Love your coffee. Discovered at Boston Farmer's Market. Best Ever."
-AnnMarie B., W.Roxbury, MA

"I bought coffee from you at a farmer's market in Boston and I love it. Thank you so much for my nice cup of coffee every morning." -Pascal D., Mystic, CT

"Great beans...great roast. Chris knows his coffee... and he knows his customers.
" -Robert O., Boston, MA

"Great to get my new supply of wonderful beans." -Julie J., Boston MA

"Your coffee delivery arrived yesterday and presently I am sipping my first cup. Umm!" -Ann B., Boston MA

"Always good when I'm drinking your coffee!" -Maria H., Boston MA
“I was very happy with our recent fundraiser using Granite Ledge Coffee products. The staff was a real pleasure to work with." -Gary H., Concord Reg. Tech. Ctr.

"Granite Ledge Coffee provided our fund-raiser with a user-friendly and very well organized program. The coffee was fresh! A+" -T. Brown, M.P.A.L.

“My husband and I bought a 2lb. bag of the Koobi Fora from you yesterday at the Concord Farmers Market. It is the BEST I've ever had! Thank-you!" -Dianna L., Penacook NH

"Good morning I was at So Wa Boston last Sunday April 30th and was happy to see someone selling coffee. My Husband is a big espresso fan and I wanted to get him some real good espresso. The person at the stand insisted that Preto Mogiana was the strongest and darkest espresso that you have and insured me that my husband would love it. I asked why not the coffee in the bin actually labeled 'espresso' and again he said no, the Preto Mogiana is by far the strongest and the darkest espresso, so I purchased it. My husband was disappointed in it. Says its too weak for espresso and it was not ground fine enough for espresso. We are now drinking it as a regular dark roast but I really felt obligated to write to express my disappointment. Not willing to purchase at your stand again or recommend you to anyone else. I am not one to
post on Yelp, this is as far as I go with expressing my feelings, so you don't have to worry about that, but I wanted to let you know. Sorry. -Patti D., Weymoth MA
"Patti, I am so sorry for the bad experience. It was me that you spoke with and unfortunately, I misunderstood that you wanted to process the “pre-ground” coffee as espresso because it was offered “auto-drip"; I would have suggested it be ground much finer. Please send me your mailing address and I will send you our Espresso Roast, pre-ground as a fine espresso grind, at no charge to you. Again, I apologize for my mistake. Thank you! -Christopher Evans
"Just wanted to say Thank You so much for your response and for the espresso! My husband loves it and it meant a lot that you responded the way you did. Much appreciated."
-Patti D., Weymouth MA

"Working with the folks at Granite Ledge Coffee was so easy. We especially loved the way we could design our own package. It was great!" -Lisa C., Alvirne H.S.F.O.M.

"I consider myself to be quite the coffee snob... let me just say that it was an amazing first time. Thanks so much." -Elise C., Manchester NH

"Thanks! I will be in touch to do a sale again next year. Wonderful products! Wonderful service." -Amanda T., Saugus School District

"Met you at SOWA. Bought a couple of pounds (Koobi Fora). You were right. I did love it...Thank you for the T-Shirt!". -Ben R., Arlington MA

"I purchased a pound of whole beans at SoWa this past Sunday, and the coffee is so delicious! I'm a happy customer!" -Stephanie U., Boston MA

"I purchased a pound of your coffee yesterday at the Copley Sq. Farmers Mkt.Your coffee is outstanding! I am so happy you will be a regular at the market." -Jeanne, Boston MA

"Love, love, love your coffee" -Linda C., Manchester NH

"Thanks for making such delicious coffee! Keep up the good work!" -Julia W., Boston MA

This is my first time ordering on line. Last month I bought my first coffee at the Copley Square Farmers Market. I can no longer have caffeine due to heart AFib and found your decaf coffee rich and satisfying . Your Water processed method is wonderful. Thank you so much. -Ann Marie B., West Roxbury MA

"Love, love, love your coffee" -Linda C., Manchester NH

"Fantastic!!! Third day of starting my day with your coffee.....
You've destroyed my Dunkin history - no comparison. Don't know if I should thank you or cry." -Rebecca M., Concord NH

"On Friday I bought a pound of your G'Mornin breakfast blend roast at Copley Square, and I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying it very much.

I'll be adding it to my "rotation"! -David Y., Boston MA

"Your coffee is THE BEST!!!!!!!!" -Toby F., Bedford NH

"Thanks.....just list me as one more loyal customer" -David F., Cambridge MA

"Have really, really enjoyed your coffee! I bought it at the Friday Farmer\'s Market in Copley Sq." -Peter H., Boston MA

"Hi... we met at SoWa the past two weeks. Really loving the Good Morning Roast." -Ben P., Boston MA

"We received our coffee and are loving the blend! (Our first time to try it)." -Michelle M., Walker, LA

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for your fine product(s) and advice. I have been purchasing your coffee at the Copley Square farmers market ( Boston ) on Fridays. There is a HUGE difference in taste with your coffee vs other companies. It's a no-brainer. Locally roasted and fresh is the only way to go." -Tony, Boston

"Working with Granite Ledge Coffee was so easy. Our fundraiser was a huge success and truly stress-free!" -Emily Jaworski, J.S.R.H.S.

"You did a great job. I’d be happy to recommend your service (in fact, I already have)." -Peter C., Canterbury, NH

"It is rare that I see a really new opportunity that people will enjoy. Granite Ledge Coffee made it happen" -Don Harty., Pembroke Academy L.B.C.

"Thanks for all the great service; love your product and your way of doing biz." - Howard Osterhouse, Nourish to Flourish

"I made a pot of the dark roast this morning and I have to say it is one of the best I’ve had (and I drink it black!)." -Ivy F., Manchester, NH

"The jury LOVED your coffee!" -Megan Parker, Hannah Grimes Marketplace, Peterborough NH

“Working with Granite Ledge Coffee was fantastic...people loved supporting our cause." -Shyla B., Epsom NH

"Selling Granite Ledge Coffee is our school's new favorite fundraiser." -Christine D., St.Joseph R.J.H.S., Manchester NH

"We really enjoy your coffee. Thank you for the free shipping!" -Theresa K., Ashland OH

“I found Granite Ledge's customer service excellent, and their product is fabulous." -Joshua D., Goffstown High School Music Dept.

"Just like you said, Fresh makes all of the difference in the world. There's no going back to grocery store coffee. Thanks." -Phil S., Boston MA

“It is always a pleasure to work with the staff at Granite Ledge Coffee. Thank you so much.” -Sister Judy Langevin, St. Benedict Academy

"The whole family has joined in with our own "coffee co-op". We appreciate your fresh beans and fast service." -Janice T., Boston MA

"I love your coffee, iced" -Patsy W., Laconia NH