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Granite Ledge Coffee
Take it Easy. Make it Fresh. Ship it Fast.

From Modest BeginNings:

Beginning in the early years, during the waning of the last century, my coffee beans were roasted 'old school' in iron skillets brought to temperature in a very stubborn electric oven. As my business model blossomed, I created labels that were applied to small paper sacks using hand-carved 'cuttings'.

Initially I had one customer, a roadside farm stand located just down the road.

We're a tad bit more sophisticated in our production now. Using a state of the art roasting system and precision weigh / fill / sealing equipment in our licensed and insured processing environment, we are able to meet the high capacity demand from our wholesale buyers while tending the needs of individuals who can buy from us directly in quantities as small as one pound, roasted freshly, just for them.

The 'specialty grade' beans that we use are sourced from dedicated farmers from around the globe and then tumble roasted above a hot bed of fire. The results are the makings for deliciously fresh coffee.

Our objective is to produce the freshest possible product for our customers. I've half jokingly claimed that our fresh coffees could ship to Nova Scotia and they'd still be roaster warm by the time they arrived.

We don't mess with tea, chai or foolishly expensive K-Cups. We never produce pre-flavored coffees or re-sell coffee makers and doodads, muffins, frappamochachino la tee dahs. No overseas produced junk. No processed sugar products. Very little waste.

We only create freshly roasted, deliciously wonderful coffee. That's what we do; serving folks who prefer to do for themselves.

What this world doesn't need is another coffee cup laying by the roadside or another billion K Cup packages in our landfills.

From our slice of heaven to yours, we trust that you'll enjoy the freshest coffee from one of our favorite places on earth, Canterbury, NH.


Christopher Evans

NOTICE: As of a 10-1-21 certified letter from the State of NH...they are no longer going to support and provide state inspectors for the USDA organic program for processor/handler and meat farmers because it costs them too much to do so...even though we paid their labor and mileage. Those small businesses wishing to continue to offer certified organic products must contract inspectors to come from out of state at a huge cost. I have chosen not to do so. When our current stock of organic coffees (OromoBuna and Giling Basah) are exhausted, we will offer those two brands as conventional, Single Origin, 100% arabica.