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Burlap / Jute Bags Caffeine Molecule T-Shirt VARIETY GIFT BOX
Burlap / Jute Bags
Our Price: $12.49
Caffeine Molecule T-Shirt
Our Price: $21.95
Our Price: $79.95
Measuring approximately 36" x 26" (+/-),
these very durable burlap bags are
great for storage and transport of heavy
items. Anyone who uses them for sports
equipment, tow chains, sack races,
wood chips, seat covers and a million
other uses can attest to their strength
and longevity.

Some look very cool with colorful printing...
others are fairly plain. However, these
are being offered for their utility
and not their looks.

Better Living Through Chemistry
-100% Cotton
-Made in USA
-Size: Large
-Logo on Front, Molecule on Back
6 Variety Gift Box
3 Full pounds of coffee
(each bag is 8oz. net)
Preto Mogiana (Brazilian Dark)
Crepusculo (Cent Amer Dark)
Koobi Fora (African Medium Roast)
Kali-Ko (Light/Dark Signature Blend)
Giling Basah (ORGANIC Indo. Med.)
OromoBuna (ORGANIC Ethiopian Med.)

Full Color, glossy pages with brewing,
storage, grinding and company story.
1 tasteful card handwritten with your
specific sentiment. The recipient will receive
a 20% discount code for any future order.
No invoice will be sent to recipient.

Sample Gift Box
Sample Gift Box
Our Price: $169.95
The Ultimate Gift
10 Foil Lined Tubes, each Containing
Different Coffee Varieties:

Each tube is topped with a Wood
of the GLC Logo.

Each Tube is Sealed Using a 4"x2"
Label of the Arabica Variety.

Ecologico, Koobi Fora, Kali-Ko,
Giling Basah, Rusticano,
OromoBuna, Preto Mogiana,
Equatorio, Espresso Roast,
WP Decaf are the Current Varieties
(varieties subject to change).

Each Tube Contains Enough for
6 Cups of Coffee (+/-)

Full Color Sheet (8.5"x11") with
Coffee Descriptions and Details
(Varieties subject to change).

Full Color Sheet (8.5"x11") with
Our Company Story, Measuring,
Grinding and Brewing Info.

A Tasteful Card Conveying
Sender's Sentiments.

No Invoice Sent to Recipient.