WHOLESALE TERMS: New customers wanting to establish terms will automatically establish a "net 30 days" account upon 3 individual online purchases within 90 days. After which, they will order via eMail ordering form or text. The easy-peasy ordering process will be sent to you automatically upon completion of the third order. Or, those wanting to establish a net 30 day account without purchasing online can do so with approval: inquire via our eMail link. Shipments for the first 3 orders made online will be made upon payment "settlements" between banks.

Our "Original" product mix is available in "no minimum" ordering via eMail or text and designed for large footprint display that includes 16 facings. The presentation is stunning and very unique when compared to the status quo. Not only freshly roasted and delicious, but very distinctive for the perceptive consumer.

The "
TOWN CENTER" brand is a three variety offering consisting of "Dark Roast", "Medium Roast" and "Decaf" that allows independent retail locations to offer a differentiated, freshly roasted product designed to fit a smaller footprint. These are offered in 12pc. case configuration on this site and can be also be ordered via eMail or text by established accounts.
These products are presented in black, high density foil bags that are heat sealed, have de-gas valves and include a "zip strip" for easy re-sealing after opening. Each bag includes an inspection / batch number that has been hand written on the backside for immediate quality identification. The resultant shelf presentation is outstanding.

Our full color digital printing opportunities assist in enabling retailers to distinctively "House Brand" a custom
coffee line.
While not recommended for every grocery model, many can leverage their current brand
(think Trader Joe's) in an otherwise busy category. Specialty shops can do very well with private labeling too,
as do mission driven (501, etc.) organizations.