Our passion is to get our fire roasted coffees into our customers' kitchens as quickly and as freshly as possible. To do this, we sell directly to them via this website, farmers markets and a select few grocery locations who have the capacity to turn their inventory quickly.

We do not sell directly to cafes, convenience stores,
restaurants or any location that intends to brew our coffees on-site.


Granite Ledge Coffee extends exclusivity, by town/city, to all accounts that offer a full line of our freshly roasted coffees (8 varieties in both whole bean and ground). FREE SHIPPING EVERY DAY.

Available in the following areas of Boston: Back Bay, South End
Available in the following areas in MA: Marlborough, Newton
Available in the following areas in CT: Stamford
Available in the following areas in VT: Brattleboro
Available in the following areas in NY: Brooklyn

Other locales will be thoughtfully considered on an individual basis.

With qualifying locations we share a percentage of our online sales, based on shipping address zip codes. This partnership is designed to expand the reach of retailers by employing a unique merchandising approach.

Our full color digital printing opportunities assist in enabling retailers to distinctively "House Brand" a custom coffee line. While not recommended for every grocery model, many can leverage their current brand (think Trader Joe's) in an otherwise busy category. Specialty shops can do very well with private labeling too, as do mission driven (501, etc.) organizations.