Shipping is always included with fresh coffee purchases. What does "free" really mean? As is always the case, it means that the customer is not "line itemed" an additional cost and that the cost is baked into the price.

Up to three pounds of a single variety are bagged in individual one pound bags.
Larger quantities of a single
variety will be bagged in larger bags (excluding wholesale).

  • When do we ship?
Typically, orders received by 9:am Eastern on Weekdays are shipped same day.

Orders received Saturdays and Sundays are shipped the following Monday. Holidays may disrupt this schedule.

  • Will I receive a Tracking Number?

Yes, Our shipping partner, SHIPPO, will send you an email the moment we print your postage label. If you have not received that eMail, more likely than not it is sitting in your "Junk" folder.

  • How do we ship?

With very few exceptions, we ship all direct to customer products and grocer orders via USPS Priority.

Some orders, those addressed to the American west, might be shipped using USPS Parcel Select or UPS Ground Saver.

  • Porch Pirates?

Yep, it's a thing. Which explains why we use's a Federal crime to swipe these packages as opposed to other shipping methods (UPS, etc) where often the value of the item predicts the seriousness of the event. This fact significantly reduces theft of USPS shipments. It's more costly for us to use Priority but way more effective. 

As a result, we have heard of very, very few instances of these thefts over the years.

However, once we receive acceptance from USPS when we deliver to them, the onus is on them to deliver (they track and insure). Once USPS acknowledges delivery to the shipping address, they then transfer responsibility to you.

Take it easy. Roast it Fresh. Ship it Fast.