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          Same Day Shipping

Orders Received by 9:am...Same Day

   after 9:a...maybe

   after 10:a...probably not, but maybe

   after 12:noon...if certain stars align

 Excluding Weekends and Holidays

Excluding Home Deliveries to 03224

Wholesale Customers

Orders received by 6:pm on any given Monday will be roasted and shipped the same calendar week. Holidays tend to slow it down a day or so.

03224 Home Deliveries

Coffees are delivered no later than the Monday following order. Package will be placed on either front or rear stoop 
(out of the sun, if possible).

"603outsiders" YouTube Channel (Currently, Vids Drop Every Wednesday and Saturday around 3:PMish)  

E15: N. Amer. Adventure:  Days 13,14,15  (Yellowstone River, BeaverHead/Deerlodge, Carmella Rec. Site)  6/5/24, thirty-five minutes

E16: N. Amer. Adventure:  Days 16,17,18  (Silver Creek - Arco, ID)  6/8/24, thirty-three minutes

E17: N. Amer. Adventure:  Days 19,20,21  (Yellowstone N.P.)  6/12/24, 49 minutes

E18: N. Amer. Adventure:  Days 22,23,24  (Towards the Pacific)  6/15/24, xx minutes

Packages to the Post Office

Weather permitting, we take your orders to the post office using our Monarch Crown fat tire eBike. It's about 7 miles each way, mostly along sparsely traveled rural roads. Often we see wildlife and get to wave and chat with locals; your coffee begins its journey on a very positive note. During the ride home when the bin is empty, there's usually a  piece of litter or two that shouldn't be ignored.

"Climb The Mountains and get their good Tidings." -Muir

As a company, we don't get involved in contentious political positions but we do strongly support any serious effort to clean up the litter messes created by humans.

This task can be easily achieved by any person regardless of age, preferences and political sensibilities.

Teach By Example. 

"The scale of the mess we leave behind is proportionate to the level of disrespect that we have for ourselves and others."  - Stewart Stafford

I have, and will continue to pursue a simple yet important task to complete every day; pick up something on the ground that does not belong there and dispose of it. 

- Christopher Evans

Current Laws Are Weak. 

I believe that we have to do the work. We have to grit our teeth and hold our tongues and get it done.

No slogans. No clubs. No Leaders. Just the daily task of picking up some trash and disposing of it.

As a result, the thoughtless might realize one day when the power of the beautiful overwhelms them.

What Do Our Customers Say?


"Awesome cup!" -John R. Belmont, NH

"Looking forward to seeing your YouTube channel. It's ok to send me a link. Thanks bunches love Rustico coffee." -Tina T., Laconia, NH

"Artic Ocean. WOW!" - Phil S., Newport News, VA

"OMG" I just read the blurb about your trip. I can't wait to see your vlog. Thank you. Love the Crepusculo." -Paula Z., Dallas, TX

"Noelle, We have made a mistake on your order and errantly sent it to the wrong customer. As a result:                                                                                                                                1) Your original 10 lb. Koobi Fora order was given to the recipient to do with as they please. He is pleased. 2) Your intended order was shipped today to the correct address in Denver. 3) As per our policy, when we make a serious mistake, your original payment amount of $119.12 will be refunded in full. I apologize for the error and commit to this never happening again. Your past trust in us to provide your fresh coffee is appreciated and hope that this negative event does not tarnish that reputation. Thank you." -Christopher Evans,                                                                                                                                      >>> RESPONSE >>> "Thank you for your customer service.  I've ordered from you since I saw you at a farmers market in Boston years ago.  While I appreciate the credit, it's entirely not necessary to give back my payment in full.  I always order with enough to get me through!  I'm more than happy to pay for my order in full.Thank you again.  We love your coffee!!" -Noelle S., Denver, CO                                                                                                                                                                  >>> RESPONSE >>> Hi,We really appreciate your comments. Our policy is designed to minimize mistakes, and generally speaking it works very well. In twenty five years this is only the third refund that we have had to make…it’s money well spent.Thank you. -Jeanette L.,                                            >>> RESPONSE >>>. "Well thank you. You have my business for life and I will recommend you to everyone any anyone I know. I work in the (redacted)!  Love your coffee."

"Your anti-litter sensibilities are nearly as important to my purchasing decision as the perfect cup of Tre Continenti. Operative word there is nearly. The coffee is delicious." -Thomas T., Newburyport, MA

"This coffee has spoiled my taste against any other coffee I try." -Joe G., Sanbornton, NH

"We love your coffee and your mission. We used to live in Newburyport and discovered you at the farmers market. We've since moved to Philadelphia but have decided there just isn't coffee down here as good as yours and it's worth it to ship some here. Life is too short to drink mediocre coffee!                                                                       Thank you for what you do." -Elizabeth G., Philadelphia, PA

"Thank you so much! Every time I try a different coffee, I am reminded why I learned to love coffee and I'm right back where I started :)" -Katie A., Greely, CO

"Thanks for your great service." -Edith B., Boston, MA

"Shawn's son got us the 6 package deal for Christmas this year.  That's how I discovered  Crepusculo.                                                                                                                             Has become one of my favs....LOL.!" -Debora P, Pompano Beach, FL

"Best coffee I've ever had - thank you; sometimes it defines the day I end up having, no hyperbole. Cheers." -Alex L., Salem, NH

"Great service you give. Coffee is yum yum too." -Aera N., Boston, MA

 "I just want to shout out a big THANK YOU! Time and again I'll head to the store for Koobi Fora ground, my favorite coffee, and you reliably deliver on Thursdays. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to have somebody who can be counted on and how I love not running out of my favorite." -MaryAnn Q., Canterbury, NH

"This is the only coffee I drink now!! Delicious!!" -Alexandria G., Concord, NH

"Thank you and happy holidays...your beans are the best." -Chris F., Red Bank, NJ

"Here's an unsolicited survey response: Yes, I WOULD sign up for a subscription service to get 5 lbs of Preto Mogiano every 8 weeks. Best coffee ever." -Kari R., SLC, UT >>>RESPONSE>>> Hi Kari, Thank you for your ‘unsolicited survey response’. I have considered doing a subscription service previously but remain fraught with ambivalence. Primarily, because my personal experience with subscription services has been much less satisfying compared to the convenience that they promote. I always end up with more than I need, less than I need or pay for services that I don’t use. So, for now, I’m going to wait. But, rest assured, we will roast and ship your Preto as quickly as possible when you order.Thank you! -Christopher Evans

"So glad to order on line. Thought we'd make it down to the Concord Farmers' Market again, sooner, but... This is the next best thing!" -Christine C., Colebrook, NH

"I love your Brazilian beans." -Amy B., Boston, MA

"We enjoy your coffee so much." - Linda S., Lamoine, ME

"Our replacement pound was delivered yesterday. Thank YOU! The second pound was unexpected, and very much appreciated. We appreciate your customer service almost as much as your coffee." - L.H., Nashua, NH 

"What a wonderful surprise when I opened the box of my recent order and found a beautifully decorated sugar cookie with your logo frosted on top along side of my 3 pounds of BLONDIE ROAST coffee. Who makes these for you? You guys always impress me. Thank you." -Pammie G., Boston, MA >>>RESPONSE>>> Our friend Jennie at 'The Cookie Jar Kitchen' in Newburyport is the maker of those blissfully buttery treats. Visit and support her new business at

"Watching the retreating tide while sipping my Oromobuna. Thank you!" -Pete P., Gloucester, MA

"The recommendation for the dock roast coffee chosen was wonderful After I had explained my palate for darker                                                                                              coffee without sour notes perfect Thank you" -D.L., Newburyport, MA

"You promised and you delivered. The Preto Mogana was redonkulusly delicious. Thank you!!!" -Shellie W., Ipswich, MA

"Tough times need good coffee. Keep us going!! Thank you for staying in business." -Phil M., Portsmouth, RI

"That was a really nice cup of coffee... By about the third or fourth day I had it everything dialed and it started to come together.  The aroma was really nice, when I opened the package I knew it was going to be great coffee.  I think the next bag I want to try the espresso roast and the. Figure out from there what I like. Thanks for the great suggestion and fresh coffee." -Mario L., Windham, MA

 "Just wanted to share that I purchased a bag of the Kali-Ko coffee this past weekend from a country store in the Canterbury area and it was DELICIOUS!! LOVE the 50/50 blend of light and dark roast. It is PERFECT!! I haven’t had a GOOD cup of coffee at home in a LONG time! I bought whole beans to try it out in my new coffee maker which has a built-in grinder. I was NOT disappointed!! I wanted to share. Thanks. :-) -Kathy, NH

"Loving your coffee. Thanks for making it awesome" -Kari R., Salt Lake City, UT

"Thank you so excited to order from you direct, my fave coffee in the world." -Niki H., Thornton, NH

"Perfect" -Denyse W., Amesbury, MA

"Solstice Roast bags were a big hit. Thank you!", -Charles T., Newburyport, MA

"Thanks for the really great roasts!" -Nicholas L., Bow, NH

"The custom Holiday bags are perfect. That was so easy! Thank you for creating a Thanksgiving theme for us." -Kate R., Newton, MA

"Love this coffee" -Kathleen T., Milford, MA

"I'm really enjoying the "natural" OromoBuna I purchased at the Concord NH Market this past weekend. 😋😋😋 It's a wonderful pallette of flavor, and I actually like that tiny bite at the end that lingers long after the last sip... THANK YOU!" -Leo R., Concord, NH

"Thanks. Best coffee anywhere!" -Ellen G., Chebeague Island, ME

"Just got a burr grinder. Making our coffee even better. Thanks for the morning kick!" -Lisa F., Nashua, NH

"Bring back the string! -Edie B., Boston, MA >>>RESPONSE>>> Strings will only be used, going forward, on bulk bags (4 pounds and larger) due to our insurance underwriters and attorney wanting  our individual 'direct to consumer' packaging to be more tamper-resistant. Plus, the tying is really hard on finger tendons...especially when considering we've tied many tens of thousands of bags over the years.

"...the Yirgacheffe was wonderful" -Robert O., Boston, MA

"YUM" -Matthew B., Hope, ME

"Love the coffee, thank you." -David L., Boston, MA

"So sorry to be writing you now. You may not know it but (we) are the ones that ordered the 3 pounds of Oromo Buna last week and picked them up at the Farmer’s Market. Sadly, we’ve had it for the past five mornings and are trying to like it—but don’t! It seems to have a weird taste, rather acrid I’d say and nothing the way it usually tastes.-Judith G., Pembroke, NH >>> RESPONSE >>>…the reason you don’t like it is because it’s a different type of Ethiopian processing than what has been the case for a while. In this particular case, it’s a “natural” processed Yirgacheffe and not a “washed” Sidamo variety…a little more “bitey” at that roast level. Our plan is to not be consistent but offer many variations of any particular single origin; especially the organics / fair trades. That’s one of the characteristics that has made our coffees so popular…ever changing for many different experiences. In your case it wasn’t so, which is why we will totally refund you for not enjoying the experience.If you want me to send you a label to return it via USPS, let me know. Otherwise, take it to where it was purchased and it will be picked it up there. -GraniteLedgeCoffee

"Best coffee around. Thanks for what you do!" -Eric W., Concord, NH

"I continue to be impressed by how good of a service you guys are offering. My orders are always delivered quickly and the quality of your products is great. Again, thank you so much for providing me with a little cup of joy every morning during the hard times of a pandemic." -Pascal D., Mystic, CT

"Customer service is one reason that we have used only your coffee since September of 2016. Occasionally when we travel we drink other coffee but we always enjoy returning home and brewing our Granite Ledge coffee. You guys are the best." -Thomas W., Portland, ME

"Thanks for the great coffee. It has been a real treat during quarantine" -Daniel B., Wenham, MA

"We seem to be drinking an awful lot of coffee. It might be too delicious." -Terri L-M, Boston, MA

"Thank you. Love your coffee." -Ralph F., Boston, MA

"Love your coffee. I buy it at Littleton NH coop when I am up north. Have a great day." -Steve R., Paoli, Pa

"We love your coffee, but find we need to create a blend that is about 75% decaf and 25% caffeine. Would it be possible to create such a custom blend containing decaf (75%) with Kali-Ko (25%)?" -Deborah A., Severna Park, MD >>> RESPONSE >>> Hi, to create a brand and offer it takes weeks and many, many dollars because it has to be implemented company-wide. Typically, low caffeine brands don’t appeal to a wide market segment. However, here’s a fix: Order 3 pounds of Decaf and 1 pound of Kali-Ko, mix together and freeze to maintain freshness. Voila! You’ve met your objective and saved money to boot. Thank you!

"Thank you! It's the best!" -Clayton J., Concord, NH

"Many thanks. You folks are a class act as is your coffee!" -Robt. B., Strafford, NH

"Thanks! Your coffee is great, and the convenience of home delivery is something to be grateful for! Found out about you through the Littleton Food Coop in Littleton, NH" -David, M., Cambridge, MA

"LOVE YOUR COFFEE! Happy Summer! Stay safe." -Linda C., Manchester, NH

"Just wanted to share... this past weekend we went on our semiannual overnight canoe trip. This time we took your coffee for the camp fire coffee pot. Best cup of coffee we’ve ever had on the sandbar!"-Michele M., Walker, LA

"Hope to see you at the nashua farmer's market this summer! Thanks for your great timely service during the long months." -Lisa H., Nashua, NH

"You're our number 1 place for really great coffee. Thanks so much, and stay safe!" -Suzanne C., Quincy, MA

"Thank you so much for what you do! The shipping is so fast and we are so lucky to have great coffee during quarantine so we can work from home and chase after our 6 kiddos!" -Justine N-L, Bow, NH

"I hope you and yours are well. I can't wait to drink your coffee!" -Caren Z., Wellfleet, MA

"Grateful you can keep our family supplied with delicious coffee. Stay well." -Kathleen K., Wellesley, MA

"Hope you are doing well. Thanks for the coffee! It's a great comfort." -Lisa F., Nashua, NH

"Hope you're safe and well. Did G'Morning get discontinued? I couldn't find it on the site. Looking forward to trying a new blend from you instead. Missing those weekend mornings at the summer markets in Boston." -Lucy P., Somerville, MA

"Glad I found your website. We always get our coffee from you at the farmers market. Hope you're safe and well!" -Joseph R., Concord, NH

"Hi Chris, Hope the warmer weather will get you and the dogs out into the fresh air and maintain your sanity. It could be worse and it will get better. Soon we will be meeting in Concord at the outside farmers market enjoying the day. stay safe and healthy." -Elaine N., Northwood, NH

Stay healthy and sane! Hope to see your smiling face at the Copley Farmers Market when things are safer." -Althea WB, Boston, MA

"So glad you are in business. Stay well." -Ellen G., Brookline, MA

"I miss the Farmer's Market in Concord! I am glad I can order online and still get my coffee." -Colleen L., Concord, NH

"We love your coffee!"-Sam G., Dorchester, MA

"Thanks for the great brew!" -Chase K., Boston, MA

"Coffee makes the world go 'round." -Andrew B., Hudson, NH

"Worth getting a bean grinder...Parrot approved best coffee!!" -Phillip C., Ft.Lauderdale, FL

"Love the coffee! The freshness is amazing!" -Linda S., Warner, NH

"Hello, We bought your coffee at the Concord Farmers’ market today. We can’t wait to try it! Regarding the plastic bags, if we brought our own glass containers to you, could we refill them to avoid using more plastic bags? Thank you. Have a great weekend." V.C., Gilford, NH >>> RESPONSE >>> Hello, Thank you for your purchase and we hope you do enjoy the coffee. Unfortunately we are currently unable to accommodate your providing glass packaging that we would be required to wash/sterilize, store and transport. Our doing so would add an enormous cost that very few customers would be willing to pay and therefore an ineffective manufacturing system and business model. Maybe some day... Again, thank you! Christopher Evans, Granite Ledge Coffee

"I place an order with you about once a month and have always been very happy with the coffee. This month I decided to try the Equatorio 50/50 blend. Simply put, it was AWFUL! I tried brewing two separate pots to be sure, but each brew tasted like water poured over cardboard. What happened? This is definitely not the quality I have come to expect. It is so undrinkable that I tossed the rest of the bag into the trash. It would be a nice gesture if you would refund the cost of the Equatorio. In any case, thought you would like to know that you might have an internal quality control issue. Thanks." -J.H., Watertown, MA>>> RESPONSE >>> Ms. H., Thank you for your communication regarding the Equatorio coffee recently shipped. Without our analyzing the undrinkable product that you tossed in the trash we will never know if there is actually an internal quality control issue. Regardless, I not only refunded you the $16.39 per your suggestion, we have refunded the entire amount of the order totaling $49.54. We trust this response more than compensates your awful experience. Regards, P.G., Granite Ledge Coffee

"Hello. I bought your Oroma Buna coffee at the Kearsarge Coop in New London; it was wonderful. Now I've had my last bean: is the bag recyclable? I hope so...hate the prospect of tossing it in the trash."-David M., New London, NH. >>> RESPONSE >>>Our foil coffee bags are currently not considered “recyclable” in the commercial sense. We continue to look for that perfectly sustainable bag for our product. But, because coffee has two inherent properties (oils and CO2 diffusion) that render that technologically difficult, we will have to continue with what is currently available. Thank you for the comment and question.

"This coffee is the best - always soooo fresh - it has ruined us for regular beans. Chris is great to work with and has suggested so many good varieties for us ! LOVE seeing him at open air farmer's markets and also order online." -Donna V., Boston, MA

"So looking forward to it!" -Richard D., Canton, MA

"I purchased from you at SOWA last week. The BEST coffee ever!!!!!" -Pamela C., Norwood, MA 

"My husband spoke with you at SOWA Winter Festival and ended up purchasing these beans [Preto Mogiana]. He has a grinder and an espresso machine. Result was outstanding. Thank you!" -Kathleen K., Wellesley, MA

"This coffee was excellent! I worked for many years as an archaeologist in the Eastern Andes of Peru and became a bit of a connoisseur ("coffee snob"). This Crepusculo reminds me so much of the coffee I used to drink there, in the province of Chanchamayo. Today there are many companies that sell Peruvian coffee here in the US, but none have captured that special essence." -Charles H., Mt. Pleasant, MI

"I recieved my order today AND I AM MORE THAN DISAPPOINTED. SIX DOLLLARS MORE THAN I PAID AT THE FARMER'S MARKET. YOU JUST LOST CUSTOMER. SO LAME. All the good things I said about your coffee now I will make a point of going back to these people to tell them WHAT A RIPOFF". -E.M., Nashua, NH >>> RESPONSE >>> Ms. M: Oh no! I’m so sorry for your bad experience. Yes, it is true our coffees are more expensive online…especially when only one pound is purchased. There are many quantity discounts available. One, when used, actually makes the price much less than at the farmers markets...and then the 20% off code is also applicable. We don’t see many 1 pound orders…and that’s why. We will be at the market this Sunday. Please return the coffee there and we will give you a full refund. Again, we apologize for not meeting your expectations." -Christopher Evans



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Coffee just as you said it would be. So smooth no bitter taste loved it






Chris is the best roaster around!!!












Thank you!

"Bought Koobi Fora and Preto Mogiana Friday at Copley Mkt....BEST coffee I have ever tasted. I drink it black so the wonderful flavor comes through."-Walter B., Chatham, MA

"Looking forward to seeing you at the Copley Square farmers market again!" -Ann E., Brookline, MA

"This coffee is stellar. Thanks for the great pricing!".-Matt F., Waltham, MA

"Very excited to try this dark roast! Have loved every roast so far." -Maria M., Quincy, IL

"Love your coffee and always find you to be cheerful and friendly". -Regina, P., Concord, NH

"Yummy, I love my coffee. See you soon at farmers market Copley Square" -Frank P., Cambridge, MA

"I visit the Farmer's market in Copley square every year for 2 things: Fresh Produce and THE BEST coffee I've ever had... we drink a lot of decaf and this one hits the spot. Lately we've been mixing, and tried the light roast which was outstanding. I am going to try a dark roast to mix with it this time around as well. Love the fact that also have organic grounds for my plants and compost as well. This will be the first year that I will not wait until the stand opens up in the spring and will be placing an online order next week. Thank you Chris for the awesome coffee!!!" -Dave T., Boston, MA

"Love your coffee." -Gita Z., Monroe Twp., NJ

"Thanks! I've enjoyed your coffee and talking to you at the market." -Howard K., Rockford, IL

"Thank God you ship! For the price and quality per ounce, you can't be beat, and I no longer live in MA." -Christopher H., Raleigh, NC

"We LOVE the fresh, delicious blend of Kali-Ko. Such a discovery! Thank you! -Deborah A., Severna Park, MD

"Thanks. Love your coffee. Discovered at Boston Farmer's Market. Best Ever." -AnnMarie B., W.Roxbury, MA

"I bought coffee from you at a farmer's market in Boston and I love it. Thank you so much for my nice cup of coffee every morning." -Pascal D., Mystic, CT

"Great beans...great roast. Chris knows his coffee... and he knows his customers." -Robert O., Boston, MA

"Great to get my new supply of wonderful beans." -Julie J., Boston MA

"Your coffee delivery arrived yesterday and presently I am sipping my first cup. Umm!" -Ann B., Boston MA

"Always good when I'm drinking your coffee!" -Maria H., Boston MA

“I was very happy with our recent fundraiser using Granite Ledge Coffee products. The staff was a real pleasure to work with." -Gary H., Concord Reg. Tech. Ctr.

"Granite Ledge Coffee provided our fund-raiser with a user-friendly and very well organized program. The coffee was fresh! A+" -T. Brown, M.P.A.L.

“My husband and I bought a 2lb. bag of the Koobi Fora from you yesterday at the Concord Farmers Market. It is the BEST I've ever had! Thank-you!" -Dianna L., Penacook NH

"Good morning I was at So Wa Boston last Sunday April 30th and was happy to see someone selling coffee. My Husband is a big espresso fan and I wanted to get him some real good espresso. The person at the stand insisted that Preto Mogiana was the strongest and darkest espresso that you have and insured me that my husband would love it. I asked why not the coffee in the bin actually labeled 'espresso' and again he said no, the Preto Mogiana is by far the strongest and the darkest espresso, so I purchased it. My husband was disappointed in it. Says its too weak for espresso and it was not ground fine enough for espresso. We are now drinking it as a regular dark roast but I really felt obligated to write to express my disappointment. Not willing to purchase at your stand again or recommend you to anyone else. I am not one to post on Yelp, this is as far as I go with expressing my feelings, so you don't have to worry about that, but I wanted to let you know. Sorry. -Patti D., Weymouth MA>>> RESPONSE >>> "Patti, I am so sorry for the bad experience. It was me that you spoke with and unfortunately, I misunderstood that you wanted to process the “pre-ground” coffee as espresso because it was offered “auto-drip"; I would have suggested it be ground much finer. Please send me your mailing address and I will send you our Espresso Roast, pre-ground as a fine espresso grind, at no charge to you. Again, I apologize for my mistake. Thank you!-Christopher Evans "Just wanted to say Thank You so much for your response and for the espresso! My husband loves it and it meant a lot that you responded the way you did. Much appreciated."-Patti D., Weymouth MA

"Working with the folks at Granite Ledge Coffee was so easy. We especially loved the way we could design our own package. It was great!" -Lisa C., Alvirne H.S.F.O.M.

"I consider myself to be quite the coffee snob... let me just say that it was an amazing first time. Thanks so much." -Elise C., Manchester NH

"Wonderful products! Wonderful service." -Amanda T., Saugus School District

"Met you at SOWA. Bought a couple of pounds (Koobi Fora). You were right. I did love it...Thank you for the T-Shirt!". -Ben R., Arlington MA

"I purchased a pound of whole beans at SoWa this past Sunday, and the coffee is so delicious! I'm a happy customer!" -Stephanie U., Boston MA

Your coffee is outstanding! I am so happy you will be a regular at the market." -Jeanne, Boston MA

"Thanks for making such delicious coffee! Keep up the good work!" -Julia W., Boston MA

"This is my first time ordering on line. Last month I bought my first coffee at the Copley Square Farmers Market. I can no longer have caffeine due to heart AFib and found your decaf coffee rich and satisfying . Your Water processed method is wonderful. Thank you so much. -Ann Marie B., West Roxbury MA

"Love, love, love your coffee" -Linda C., Manchester NH

"Fantastic!!! Third day of starting my day with your coffee.....
You've destroyed my Dunkin history - no comparison. Don't know if I should thank you or cry." -Rebecca M., Concord NH

"On Friday I bought a pound of your G'Mornin breakfast blend roast at Copley Square, and I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying it very much. I'll be adding it to my "rotation"! -David Y., Boston MA

"Thanks.....just list me as one more loyal customer" -David F., Cambridge MA

"Have really, really enjoyed your coffee! I bought it at the Friday Farmer\'s Market in Copley Sq." -Peter H., Boston MA

"Hi... we met at SoWa the past two weeks. Really loving the Good Morning Roast." -Ben P., Boston MA

"We received our coffee and are loving the blend! (Our first time to try it)." -Michelle M., Walker, LA

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for your fine product(s) and advice. I have been purchasing your coffee at the Copley Square farmers market ( Boston ) on Fridays. There is a HUGE difference in taste with your coffee vs other companies. It's a no-brainer. Locally roasted and fresh is the only way to go." -Tony, Boston

"Working with Granite Ledge Coffee was so easy. Our fundraiser was a huge success and truly stress-free!" -Emily Jaworski, J.S.R.H.S.

"You did a great job. I’d be happy to recommend your service (in fact, I already have)." -Peter C., Canterbury, NH

"It is rare that I see a really new opportunity that people will enjoy. Granite Ledge Coffee made it happen" -Don Harty., Pembroke Academy L.B.C.

"Thanks for all the great service; love your product and your way of doing biz." - Howard Osterhouse, Nourish to Flourish

"I made a pot of the dark roast this morning and I have to say it is one of the best I’ve had (and I drink it black!)." -Ivy F., Manchester, NH

"The jury LOVED your coffee!" -Megan Parker, Hannah Grimes Marketplace, Peterborough NH

“Working with Granite Ledge Coffee was fantastic...people loved supporting our cause." -Shyla B., Epsom NH

"Selling Granite Ledge Coffee is our school's new favorite fundraiser." -Christine D., St.Joseph R.J.H.S., Manchester NH

"We really enjoy your coffee. Thank you for the free shipping!" -Theresa K., Ashland OH

“I found Granite Ledge's customer service excellent, and their product is fabulous." -Joshua D., Goffstown High School Music Dept.

"Just like you said, Fresh makes all of the difference in the world. There's no going back to grocery store coffee. Thanks." -Phil S., Boston MA

“It is always a pleasure to work with the staff at Granite Ledge Coffee. Thank you so much.” -Sister Judy Langevin, St. Benedict Academy

"The whole family has joined in with our own "coffee co-op". We appreciate your fresh beans and fast service." -Janice T., Boston MA

"I love your coffee, iced" -Patsy W., Laconia NH

GLC's most prolific commenter: -Andrew B., NH >>> It's always a good night for coffee on the porch...Need.More. Coffee!  :) --- Coffee makes the world go 'round. --- Coffee Beans: $112.34. A cup of coffee, well crafted: priceless --- Coffee is like integral calculus- it brings everything (and everyone) together.  :) --- In this time of chaos, there is nothing better than a cup of coffee, on the porch, while looking into the woods. --- Coffee is essential this time of year.  Holiday blues?  Make coffee. Too much turkey and gravy?  Make coffee.  Need something to go with that pie?  Make coffee. Need to get that relative to shut up for a minute?  Have them make coffee.   Thank you for being my coffee supplier. --- I have read that 85% of American adults drink coffee. What the hell are the other 15% doing? --- An exchange with a student: Student:  I drink a Monster in the morning. Me: That's disgusting.  Drink coffee instead. Student:  I don't like coffee. Me: I don't understand that. --- They say coffee cures all that ails you. If you are already drinking coffee, does that mean that nothing can ail you? --- On stage 8 of the Tour of France, Geraint Thomas lost 35 minutes to the leaders and contemplated dropping out.  On stage 9, he had a second cup of coffee in the team bus on the way to the start.  Thomas had a strong stage and stayed with the leaders.  Clearly coffee was the difference. --- I'm heading back to school tomorrow.  Masks are mandatory.  Do you sell a coffee IV system?  Do teachers get a discount? :) --- It doesn't get any better than a good cup of coffee on a brisk morning.  Or any morning, really. --- f(x) = coffee bean.  f'(x) = fresh grounds. f''(x) = freshly brewed coffee.  Coffee makes math even better. :) --- The Swedish word 'Fika' means an extended coffee break from work.  The Swedes know where it's at. --- Not much better than a cup of coffee on the porch, enjoying the breeze. --- Happy 4th!  Not sure if colonists drank coffee- there was that whole tea party event. Maybe they should have! --- Roman soldiers were given salt as part of their compensation. Teachers should get an allotment of coffee as part of their compensation. --- Last season:  Strawberries, on a summer evening . Now: Coffee, on an autumn morning. --- There is nothing quite like someone surprising you with a cup of fresh coffee, on a cold winter morning. --- Happy Holidays to you! --- While the winter is hard, coffee will see us through. --- Coffee is like a well-laid hardwood floor- beautifully crafted and utilitarian. ---

COVID Updates:

5-26-2020 Covid-19 Related Update:No Disruptions to service and currently there are none expected. Copley Market in Boston started last Friday. My little "Leave it to Beaver" emotional bubble here in Canterbury was popped in an instant when I strolled into the Back Bay Station on Dartmouth St. at was empty. I was alone. It got real, real quick. It is with hope alone that we have seen the worst of this virus and that this writing will be the last of my Covid-19 updates.

5-12-2020 COVID-19 Related Update: No Disruptions to service and currently there are none expected. Copley Square Farmers Market was scheduled to open this coming Friday 15th but the mayor of Boston has put the kibosh to that for the time being.

5-4-2020 COVID-19 Related Update: No Disruptions to service and currently there are none expected. As the natives get restless, businesses are beginning to open-up; we will resume Farmers Market participation beginning Saturday 9th in Concord, NH.

4-21-2020 COVID-19 Related Update: The postal service (USPS) has advised that some "Priority" shipments will be delayed by one day. The exception are shipments denoted as "One Day" (most of New England) that are not disrupted at this time and will continue to enjoy one day service. Also, we are experiencing no disruptions in service at this time.

4-9-2020 COVID-19 Related Update: Panic coffee buying by the public has ceased to be a thing and demand, while greater than is typical, remains reasonable and measured. We currently are experiencing no disruptions on the supply side and all indications are that we personally are in good health.

4-3-2020 COVID-19 Related Update: It's been raining for two days straight and the coon hounds are driving me mad. They destroy the bed, continuously bay at squirrels from every window in the house and generally become ass-clowns when not religiously exercised every other day consisting of woods running a bare minimum of 5 miles. What does this have to do with CoronaVirus? Typically, their ass-clownyish behavior does not bother me much but today I have the sense that I might lose my marbles. There could be a correlation.

3-31-2020 COVID-19 Related Update: Currently, there are no disruptions in supply other than a small to moderate upward pricing trend; especially with organics. In addition, all related personnel remain employed and asymptomatic. We are considering the discontinuing of all on-site wholesale deliveries therefore utilizing USPS regarding all restocking of grocer accounts.

3-24-2020 COVID-19 Related Update: We have discontinued offering the larger bulk sizes (larger than 7 pounds) in an effort to maintain adequate supply for those needing product and homebound.

3-21-2020 COVID-19 Related Update: "How are you doing? Should we order now or do you think you’ll be able to keep roasting coffee? There are some things that are just that essential." -Linda >>> RESPONSE >>> Hi Linda, We do not expect any disruptions at this time. I am now the only person allowed in the production facility, which is located where I live, and expect to continue without any problems. Jeanette works off-site. Posten works off-site and as long as we remain smart about it we should be good to go. Haha..My hounds and I are living a hermitic life excepting for trips to the Post Office where I leave the packages outside their door; giving them a knock to alert that they are there…working perfectly. Thank you! - Christopher Evans,

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